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Yacht agency, yacht services
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Our History

In the Azores, one of the planet’s busiest ports of call for far-flung voyagers — these days, some 1,200 yachts visit annually — there was just one problem. Where do you find parts? In Horta in the early 1990s, you were totally out of luck if you needed a winch handle, an impeller or God knows what else. You couldn’t even buy stainless-steel screws. Into this vacuum, in 1993, Duncan Sweet launched Mid-Atlantic Yacht Services.

since 1993

Yacht agency, yacht services

Much of the success of MAYS is due to the attention to detail and the able administration of Duncan's wife Ruth together with the caring support and efficiency of Ilda. This small crew has become the basis for a strong team that can offer a broad range of services and can be a great resource for getting things done on a tight schedule or when creativity and local knowledge is critical.

For today our qualified and friendly staff will arrange comprehensive 360° services for any scale yachts - bunker fuel, berthing, clearances in/out and hold mail & parcels for your arrival. We can assist with VAT payments and importation while the technical side of Mid Atlantic can repair electronics, rigging failures, engine and generator difficulties and we stock many commonly needed parts, equipment, supplies plus pilots, cruising guide and charts.

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